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Frenchman’s Creek | Membership Information | Frenchmans Creek

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  • Membership in the private club at Frenchman’s Creek is limited exclusively to the 606 residences within the community
  • Frenchman’s Creek is owned & operated by its equity members, establishing each Member as an owner in part of the common areas, Club and their related facilities
  • Membership in this Palm Beach country club is a family-style membership with golf, tennis, and activities that can be enjoyed by every member of the immediate family
  • Club membership is mandatory as a resident of the community
  • Members pay an Equity Fee, a portion of which is refundable, and the non-refundable portion is contributed to the Capital Reserve Fund
  • Members are billed annual club dues & POA maintenance fees established by the annual operating budget
    • Included in the annual club membership dues are:
      Golf, tennis and fitness
      Golf cart fees
      Golf trail fees
      Golf range fees
      Golf bag storage fees
      Locker room fees
      Golf and tennis shop “Mill River” pricing plan
      Complimentary breakfast
      Complimentary coffee, tea, cookies and candy
      Complimentary bottled water
      Complimentary dinner hors d’oeuvres
      Business Center computers, printers, copier and fax machine usage
      Service Charge (No tipping policy)

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