Frenchman’s Creek | Security & Paramedic Program | Frenchmans Creek

Frenchman’s Creek | Security & Paramedic Program | Frenchmans Creek

Frenchman's Creek homes for sale | Frenchmans Creek homes for sale

  • Frenchman’s Creek’s gated community in Palm Beach Gardens is kept secure by the Frenchman’s Creek Security Department which is staffed with a hand-selected group of security personnel, each of whom have a prior law enforcement or military background
  • All of Frenchman’s Creek’s security personnel are armed and have duties that have been extended to include a 24/7 paramedic program, Special Tactical Operations Personnel (STOP Team), neighborhood patrols, perimeter patrols, K-9 (dog) patrols, golf course patrols, deep water patrols, surveillance technology, and criminal background investigations performed on everyone doing business in Frenchmans Creek
  • From the smallest of grandchildren to the President, the level of safety & security within Frenchmans Creek is unsurpassed
  • Whenever assistance is needed, day or night, Frenchmans Creek’s security team is available to help and assist the residents and their guests
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