Finding A Kid’s Desk Cleans Up My Mess

By Sam Lichtenstein

I’ve had a small, white desk for about 8 years now. It’s very messy, and because of this, I can’t find anything, not to mention my inability to use it!! Having no set place to work makes me disorganized and takes time away from me. So…I’m getting a new desk! It’s black, which is one of my favorite colors. I will also be able to find things easily due to it’s shelves and compartments.

To pick out a new desk, first make sure you have enough money. If you don’t, oh well! If you do, that’s good, but make sure the desk is worth it! First, my dad and I measured my desk space and wrote down the width, height, and the depth. Next, we went to a furniture store where we had a credit, so we could save money! We looked carefully, and found a desk within our budget and that would fit the measurements I took. Then, we took pictures of it and went home to think about it.

Here’s a few tips: Make sure you have enough money left over. Think about the tax, too! Do not spend beyond your means. Go to a store where you can get discounts.

My desk should arrive by the end of January. I can’t wait! This is Sam Lichtenstein from JeffRealty, thank you for reading this and good luck finding a desk!

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