Jupiter, Florida is Great for Kids and Hurricanes Mean “No School!”

By Sam Lichtenstein

Life in Jupiter for a kid is really unique! It’s small, but it’s not old fashioned, and it’s easy to live here. You can go to the beach and snorkel. You can’t do that up north, can you? You can go to fun places like Cheeseburgers and More, and not to mention Disney World which is only a few hours away! Some popular neighborhoods are Egret Landing, Abacoa, Jupiter Village, etc. You’ll fit in with the kids! Hey, just be yourself and you’ll be fine! Some popular schools are Independence, Jerry Thomas, Jupiter Middle, Jupiter Academy, etc. The people are friendly. Quite a few people are elders, because Florida is a good place to retire and relax, but there are also plenty of kids to hang out with too! The weather is nice; it never snows!  It’s nice and sunny almost all year ’round. The “2 Seasons” are Summer ( During Spring, Summer, and Fall), and Fall (During Winter). However, there are hurricanes. It’s not a big deal, though.  There is no school during a hurricane which is a big plus.  Plan A is to lock yourself in the house.  Plan B is to go on a vacation up North to Georgia or Tennessee to flee the hurricane.  Since people start fighting over gasoline and soup cans, my advice is to go with plan B. You’ll be fine here. Come have fun in the sun in Jupiter, Florida!

Written by Sam Lichtenstein (editing credit to Mom)

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