Freezing Weather Is Not As Bad As Last Year

The thermometers took another nasty dip last night as our second really cold spell of the year marches through. Fortunately, these don’t last long, and of course, compared to what is happening along the Atlantic coast, we can really appreciate the spectacular weather we enjoy here during the winter months.



Our season starts in November and lasts until April, and except for these few cold days, it is the perfect place to play golf or go sailfishing.


Our cold spells usually only last 2-3 days and then the wind comes off the ocean again and warms things up. But last year, things were different. We had the coldest winter on record in Florida; not the single coldest night, but the coldest average temperature over the three months of winter. And although many types of palms have become acclimated to our area, last year we actually lost some very large palms.


We can, of course, cover our smaller plants and flowers to protect them from frost and bring in our hanging plants and family pets. But these tall palms standing fully exposed to the harsh wind could not endure.


So when the temperature dropped again into the low 30s, I spoke with a locally-renowned arborist about the state of things this year. He confirmed that although the temperatures have been low, they have not stayed low for so many nights and this is well within the tolerance of our trees. On a more technical level, he also recommended adding a copper fungicide rinse to the bud, but that’s another story.


The loss of a stately palm or other large tree can have a devastating effect on the value of a home on the market. Home values can be greatly enhanced by large and beautiful trees and the loss of one or more can change the whole presentation of a home to prospective buyers. But all in all, this year’s freezing weather is not as bad as last year.

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