Does staging your home for sale really work?

Does staging your home for sale really work? Well, here are a couple of thoughts on the subject.

When putting your home up for sale, it’s important to remember that it is no longer ‘your home’, it is simply ‘a house’. As such, it is just a commodity. And when people buy commodities, they look for value. Gas is a commodity and when you buy gas you usually go to the cheapest station unless you are about to run out of it.

So when buyers come to see the house, they don’t look to see how cleverly or tastefully you have decorated the house. They don’t look to see if you have used imaginative Martha Stewart ideas to make the house feel homey, although good smells, like those from baking bread or cookies, can add to the atmosphere.

They don’t want to see your personal collection of books, since reading the titles with their heads turned 90º might detract from looking at the home. They don’t want to see all your personal pictures or collection of toys for the family pooch. So when putting your house on the market, think about what the pros do, the people who build and sell houses for a living. Toll Brothers is a good example.

Toll Brothers has built several communities in this area and part of their sales process is staging model homes for sale. They employ professional decorators to take an empty box of concrete and drywall and turn it into a home that someone might purchase for a million dollars.

And they don’t use Martha Stewart ideas. They don’t fill shelf after shelf after shelf with James Patterson or John Grisham novels, or paperback books of crossword puzzles. They don’t put any personal pictures up…because there aren’t any. They use the kind of pictures that come in a frame when you buy it, good looking young people. And they certainly don’t keep a collection of Fido’s toys or your wife’s collection of turtles or other animal statue collections on display. Nobody needs to know that you like to collect turtles or owls or anything else for that matter.

So when you are selling, take it from the pros. And if you are not sure what to do, hop in the car and go to the nearest development under construction and tour one of their models. You might find that what the pros think and what you think are two completely different ideas.

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