Can You Be Objective??? | Part 2

In my last post I stressed the use of an objective, third-party professional when going through the emotional stress of selling your home in this turbulent market. Now I want to reinforce the point with a couple of examples ‘ripped from the headlines’, as TV used to describe the Law & Order show.

I recently was at an event at the local Board of Realtors where a local real estate attorney and a local home inspector were part of the panel of experts. Both of these men had years of experience and great reputations. Eventually, the conversation made its way to the use of professionals to handle matters objectively.

I was surprised when the attorney, who owns property in Florida and New York and is licensed to practice in both states, said that whenever he buys or sells, he hires a lawyer. I believe the phrase he used was that he “sought local counsel”. Why? Simple, he can’t be as objective as a third party.

Then the home inspector joined in by saying he, too, had employed another inspector to go through his house when he sold it? Why? Simple, he can’t be as objective as a third party.

So if these professionals are hiring someone else to do something for them where an objective third party opinion is critical, doesn’t it make sense for you to do likewise? Can you be objective???

The use of a third party can remove all of the emotion which clouds your thinking and reasoning. Selling a home is a highly-charged, emotional experience where large sums of money are involved, so naturally tensions run high. The use of a professional real estate agent can temper the stress and help you get your home sold quickly and smoothly.

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