Elin Buys A House…..Mansion! | Tiger’s Ex Scores Big!

After the nasty domestic troubles of the Tiger Woods marriage became public, all eyes followed the couple as they closed up the Orlando life they shared and headed their separate ways. But not too separate.

Tiger had already purchased an estate on Jupiter Island – that of the Tire Kingdom magnate Chuck Curcio – then added surrounding properties to create a compound. The total cost is reported to be $60 million, including a couple of pools and a golf hole or two. I published aerial shots of this house on my blog. Now the eTabloids are buzzing as he prepares to move in. I wonder if he picked up boxes to move at the local liquor store? Probably not.

So when the ex-Mrs. Tiger Woods began to prowl around for a little place of her own, all eyes were watching to see where she might wind up with the kids. She took a peek at the penthouse at The Claridge on Jupiter Island with the most spectacular views up the island and a rooftop bar, but didn’t choose it. On a clear day, the kids could see daddy’s house from up there.

The internet is now abuzz again as her trust has purchased a home in Seminole Landing in North Palm Beach. She scraped together $12.2 million for this apparently private sale and will be settling right on the clear Atlantic just north of Lost Tree Village.

Seminole Landing has been a very quiet and exclusive enclave for the wealthy for years, especially those estates right on the ocean. At the peak of the real estate boom, one of them was listed for $36 million. The little Tiger cubs will be able to build sand castles in front of the house without nosy reporters sneaking around for a picture. Seminole Landing is a very protected area and still just a 15-minute drive to Jupiter Island.

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