Possums and Raccoons Out & About in the Palm Beaches

For the last week we have had a raccoon visit our Egret Landing backyard during the day. He doesn’t look rabid, just wanders around the swimming pool and climbs up our mango tree.

Also, this week while talking to a client in PGA National, I heard a shriek at the other end of the line. Earl tried to walk outside to get better reception and sitting out by his door and hissing at him was a possum. Earl ran back inside and the possum went back to sleep.

To top it off, my assistant, Sue, who resides in Oaks East, was late coming in to work this week. As you can see in the photo below, a possum or very large rat was hanging out underneath the grill.

A car with a tail???

My wife, Veronica, called animal control to see if Jupiter was undergoing some kind of raccoon and possum version of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’, seeing as there are so many possums and raccoons out & about. Turns out this is mating season and juniors get kind of confused. They said it is normal for this short stretch to see animals that are usually nocturnal, wandering about. Also, the drought and heat has many of them searching for food. I guess that would explain why our mango-loving raccoon is hanging out in our tree. Can you blame him?


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