Congratulations to Jeff Lichtenstein, honored as Charitable Leader of the Month for work in Women’s Cancer Charity


Jeff Lichtenstein

For 2011 PGA Women’s Cancer Awareness Day which raised $108,000!!

In Photo: (L-R) Elaine Solomon (co-chair), Jeff Lichtenstein, Sue McClay (Jeff’s assistant who helped with photos)

Women’s Cancer Awareness 2011 at PGA National

Hats off to Jeff Lichtenstein, Elaine Solomon, Marsha Boyes, Judy Furlotte, and everyone else who contributed so much to the 5th Annual PGA Women’s Cancer Awareness Day!

Besides golf, tennis, croquet, running, cards & luncheon, this year’s festivities featured a nighttime auction. Incredible trips and prizes and the community’s generosity raised $108,000 for the Ella Milbank Foshay Cancer Center at Jupiter Medical Center, specifically the Daniel C. Searle Clinical Trials Access Program. This important program helps provide access to more than 50 clinical trials for our community members who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Jeff’s Mom, Bette Lichtenstein, was diagnosed with esophageal cancer last fall. Laser radiation treatment & chemotherapy went on for 2 months following diagnosis. After a month’s rest and even playing in this event, Jeff’s Mom had her esophagus removed.

“Thankfully, all is well and my Mom is doing great. Mom is partaking in clinical trials to try to help others understand the cause so future generations won’t have to go through these terrible battles. I’m personally so grateful to everyone who participated and gave.”

Jeff Lichtenstein

Above is an example of one of the many photos Jeff had taken to present to participants in a book following the Day. In this photo: Sue McClay and Jeff’s wife, Veronica. To view more photos from the event, visit

Congratulations & Great Work Jeff!!!


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