Chappy Adams, Illustrated Properties

Chappy died in an automobile accident today. Agents and management in our office cried uncontrollably. Chappy had such a positive effect on everyone. It was a shock because Chappy was just 48 years of age.

I came to Illustrated Properties 3½ years ago and choose the company because of Chappy Adams. Chappy had a remarkable way with people. He somehow meshed easily with 650 sometimes demanding agent personalities plus management staff. I marveled at how someone could do that and never show an ounce of stress. His way with people was genuine and a true gift. Whenever there was conflict, which can happen with so many people and contract situations, Chappy somehow easily found common ground to get things settled. Everyone liked Chappy.

I just had lunch with him a few months ago. Chappy thanked me for being at Illustrated and asked what the company could be doing to improve. He was excited about many things coming in 2013 and his energy was contagious. We had a lot of conversations over the past few weeks about adding some Buyer agents for myself. He gave me good advice and was helping me organize the process.

It was an honor to work for and with Chappy. I’ll miss him a lot.

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