Women's Cancer Awareness at PGA National 2013 | Photos of the Day!

The one real bad stretch of weather we had unfortunately happened on the 8th annual PGA Women’s Cancer Awareness Day. Many women were forced in because of the freezing rain and I’m sorry if we missed your photos. We circled around 3 times to get as many as we could. All in all, $210,000 was raised to support post-doctoral fellowships in the department of cancer biology at Scripps Florida. Here is how it happened.

My young son, Sam, wanted to help out in the fight against cancer and joined Jason and me to capture the 8th Annual Cancer Awareness Day’s golfing events!

Jason DuBois, Sam Lichtenstein, & Jeff Lichtenstein

The day started out promising with lots of good morning breakfast eats.

Morning Eats

The “Ticket Guys” working hard for such a great cause

Ticket Guys!

Finally time to get ready. Long lines to fill up for water

You’d think they were giving away the water!

Starbucks in one hand and clubs in another

Starbucks in hand. She has her priorities straight!

Carts are prepped

Getting Ready

And Jamie Hayes is ready to roll

Jamie keeping things organized!

The blackbird and dark sky cast an ominous sign over the golf course

A blackbird and dark sky signal an ominous sign!

Fearless Sam did his best to keep our patrons dry

Fearless Sam tried his best to keep the golfers dry!

But even the birds had enough!

Even the birds flew in!

So off to raise money and raise money they did. Over $210,000. WOW and a big applause to all who participated to help rid us of this awful disease!

Warm, dry & food!


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The Best of the Best!

Best Rain Gear

Best Plaid Shorts

Best Color Coordination

Best Big Umbrellas

Finally some smart gals who know how to keep dry!

Most Colorful Rain Gear

Please get these photo over with, I’m soaked!

Wet but all smiles!

Ya right, like those towels will keep you dry!

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