PGA National Map

PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens can seem a bit overwhelming when you drive through it for first time. After all, there are nearly 5,000 homes, 4 on-site golf courses, a resort hotel, and a world-class spa spread over 2,000 acres!

Like anything, though, once you take a step back, it’s actually pretty easy. You can even run a whole circle around the development.

There are 3 entrances into PGA National, two on PGA Boulevardd and one on Northlake Boulevard. There are also 4 PGA National gates. 3 of the gates are on the north side and the other by the south-side Northake Preston entrance. The guard at the gates are always happy to help with directions.

The south entrance is Ryder Cup and it connects all the way up north to PGA Boulevard, hugging the west side of PGA National. 

Avenue of the Masters runs north/south, connecting with Ryder Cup Circle on the south side and running all the way up north to Avenue of the Champions.

Tournament connects Avenue of the Champions to Ryder Cup Circle.

You can run a circle from within PGA National by driving Ryder Cup Circle to Avenue of the Masters to Avenue of the Champions to Tournament back to Ryder Cup Circle.

The 40 subdivisions are all connected through these 4 main roads. Take a look at our map below. Please email me at if you would like the map in a larger size.

PGA National Map

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