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Jade's Jottings  – Jerry Thomas School

October 19th, 2014

Dear Parents,

If you have recently moved and you are wondering what elementary school you want to send your child to I recommend Jerry Thomas.This school is a part of Palm Beach County and is located at Jupiter FL on the corner of Tony Penna. It goes through grades k-5.It is a public school and it has excellent teachers! For kindergarten ALL of the teachers are nice. The same for first grade. For second grade there are many wonderful teachers in second grade. This is the last year before FCAT. Your children will learn to regroup. The next grade is third grade, it is very different from second grade.Your children that are in third grade NEED to learn their times tables! Do not wait for your children to learn their times tables! It will catch up to your children in everyday! This should be the year where they learn their times tables 1-11 you can do flash cards, tests, or writing over and over. Your children will most likely be stressed out about FCAT but it is incredibly easy! A passing score is 3.5. Then comes fourth grade. Mr.Seal is the best teacher you can get, fourth grade is similar to third except for a little bit more homework and the FCAT writes. The FCAT writes is in February, around that time your children will be very stressed out! I had to write a timed writing every day before the FCAT. Only the last 2weeks. Moving on to fifth grade, it is a VERY hard grade! There is much more homework, harder work, and more demanding teachers. Your children will probably be feeling a lot a stress at this time. There is also safety patrol. During fourth grade your children need to be on their best behavior and turn in their homework.Your children need to get A,B,C the moment they get a D they are off safety patrol.

(Report Card) make sure that your children make every terrific tiger time if a safety patrol misses 2 they are off safety patrol.We have a trip to Washington every year but only for safety patrols.There are also different clubs like chorus (only for fifth graders), teachers of tomorrow (fourth and fifth grade only), Student council, recyclable club, and much more! We also have specials which is: physical education (P.E), art, music, computer lab, media, and guide. Our principal Ms. Work is understanding and I am positive she would love to talk to you. Jerry Thomas also has speech. If you end up choosing Jerry Thomas I bet you will be very impressed!

-Jade Lichtenstein

Thank you for reading! Good luck!

High Schools in the Area

October 19th, 2014

Hey, Sam Lichtenstein here at Sam’s Corner, here with another blog! This time I am going to talk about the high schools in the area. So, if you just moved down here and you’re nervous that your teen won’t be able to find a good school to go to or won’t fit in, you’ve got another thing coming for the better!

First off, we’ve got your basic home schools, Jupiter High and Dwyer High. These may be just your simple friendly neighborhood high schools at first glance, but actually, they offer a lot of wonderful courses such as robotics, art, music, computer programming, communications, and many more! Also, if your teen is into sports, Jupiter High or Dwyer High is an excellent school for sports, such as basketball, soccer, football, and more!

Now, it gets even better from here! If your teen wants to attend a specialty school, such as a performing arts school or a boating school, then you’re in luck! There are many schools offering many specialty classes, such as, Dreyfoos School of the Arts, Maritime Academy, Suncoast and my personal favorite as it is the school I attend, G-Star School of the Arts. Dreyfoos specializes heavily on acting and dance, and Maritime is more about boating, the environment, and the ocean. Suncoast specializes in math and computer science, and last but certainly not least, G-Star is all about film, acting and animation.

Basically, no matter what you are looking for in Palm Beach County, you’re bound to find it! All you have to do is ask around, whether it’s by Internet, phone, or simply by showing up in person on campus. Don’t worry, because, no matter what your teen is interested in, you’re bound to find it!

-Sam Lichtenstein

The Comeback of Sam's Corner: Boatload of Blogs Sailing Your Way!

October 19th, 2014

Wow, it’s been a long time. I mean, it’s really been a long time, like I’m talking over three years since I’ve posted something on my corner! Anyways, that’s beside the point. What matters is that I’m back, and more ready to write than ever! That’s right, I, Sam Lichtenstein am going to write a boatload of blogs about many subjects involving Jupiter and the Palm Beach area surrounding it. From places to eat, to schools kids and teenagers can attend, I’m going to write about it all!

Stay tuned for more blog articles coming very soon!

-Sam Lichtenstein

Bats In Your Florida Home? Call ‘Friends of Bats’ To Remove Them Safely!

By Sam Lichtenstein - May 19th, 2011

Batman of Florida

Hi, it’s me, Sam, from JeffRealty! I just interviewed Friends of Bats. Why? Because we noticed small bird-like creatures coming out of our roof one evening around sunset. I guess they like to live in roofs. Yuk, right? I guess your reaction would be similar to my parents’ (especially my mother’s!) To get rid of them, you can call Friends of Bats. They don’t exterminate bats, they exclude bats out of houses safely, without harming or killing them. (Fact: It is actually illegal to kill bats in Florida.)

I learned all sorts of things about bats that I never knew. Are bats related to rodents? Are bats rare in Florida? Why would a bat hang out (no pun intended) in our roof? What happens during bat maternity season? (Hint: You can’t remove bats from April 15th–August 15th) How and why do you become a ‘Bat Removal Expert’?

I highly recommend that you use Friends of Bats to exclude, NOT EXTERMINATE bats (if you have bats in your house or roof). They do free checks if you think you may have visitors. Friends of Bats does a good job, because they excluded about 200 bats that were in our roof. That’s a small number compared to a common colony of thousands! Could they be living in your roof, too? If you are interested and want to learn more, look at these 4 videos of the interview I had with these bat excluders. Happy watching!

Oh, and if your home ever has bats, Friends of Bats can be reached at…

John Greenwood, Customer Technical Consultant
Daniel Bozone, President & Director of Operations
Friends of Bats/Winged Wildlife Control


This first video will tell about what Friends of Bats does, some facts about bats, and the basics of excluding bats.

Frieds of Bats Service Truck

Bats in the Attic!!!

They are so YUK!!!

This second video will tell you about a bat’s relation to humans, some facts about bats, and why bats are in Florida.

Bats love to live in roofs, especially if they're barrel tile roofs. They do a lot of damage, too.

So many bats in so little space! Right under a roof tile.

You can see the damage the bats caused to the roof.

This third video will explain what percentage of homes have bats in them and why.

This last video will explain a lot about how the bats are excluded and how they are prevented from getting back in.

Friends of Bats in action!

Friends of Bats in action!

Friends of Bats in action!

Friends of Bats in action! These guys are crazy!!!

Friends of Bats -

Thanks for watching and I really hope you enjoyed the videos.

Finding A Kid’s Desk Cleans Up My Mess

By Sam Lichtenstein - December 31st, 2010